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(Authorised Distributor of MDH, Everest and Shri lal Mahal rice)


CURRY POWDER - ITC HS code. (091050)

Indian cuisine is synonymous with curry powder the world over. Curry Powder is a blend of spices that impart a taste and fragrance which Indian foods is renowned for. Each dish has its own little secret. This curry powder has been specially formulated with the highest quality of raw spices to suit most curries be vegetarian or non vegetarian.

RED CHILLI POWDER ( Capsicum annoum ) ITC HS code (0904 2020)

Red Chilli Powder is one of the largest traded spices in the international market. Red Chilli Powder is one of the popular varieties of the Chilli Powder. Extensively used for food flavoring and coloring, Red Chilli Powder also has certain medicinal properties. Chillies are available in a number of varieties, colors and fragrances. The quality of red chilli powder is depend upon its color and flavor. Proper red color and hot flavor is the sign of best quality of Chilli Powder. The most cultivated states is guntur and Kashmir , red chilli is very much popular.


PAPAD is one of the Indian traditional food item. Its key ingredient is pulses with combination of hot & quality spices like Black Pepper, Cumin and many others. It is a thin crispy wafer along with meals and snacks. You enjoy PAPAD either roast in an oven for 20-25 seconds or deep fried in hot oil, its size expand 1-2 inches from actual size. Papads are served with green chutney along with chopped onion & tomato. Quality of PAPAD depends upon the quality of raw material used and drying process. They are staple in every Indian's home.


INGRIDENTS : Urad dal, Black pepper, Cummin, Asofetida, Salt, Edible oil, Sodium-bi- Carbonate.
SIZE : ready 5’’ after fried size expand to 7”.
PACKING : Attractive Stand up Zipper Pouch. 100% free from moisture which gives maximum shelf life. Packing can be change as per the desire of buyer.
WEIGHT : 200 gms / 6 oz.
ADVANTAGE : Contains no PRESERVATIVE, with Maximum Shelf Life.


Tea is a natural beverage brewed from the leaves of an evergreen plant called Camellia sinensis. While it has become common place for people to refer to any hot beverage that is brewed from naturally occurring plants or plant extracts as "tea" technically, those herbal hot beverages should be called "teassanes", as the word "tea" is reserved for beverages brewed from leaves of Camellia sinensis.

The most widely consumed beverage, black tea is a close cousin to the Oolong in that if the tea is fermented long enough, the leaves turn black, hence the term "black tea". The exact time of rolling is determined by the size of the leaf, with smaller leaf being rolled for shorter period than larger leaf. Rolling induces fermentation of the leaf, and when the leaf is judged to be appropriately fermented, the process is slowed by allowing the leaves to cool off on ventilated trays for 3 to 4 hours. Finally, the fermentation process is stopped by drying the teas under hot blowers, at which point the tea leaves turn from reddish hue to black. The teas are then passed through various sieves to grade them.